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How to hide your grey roots until you can get into the salon

Got roots?

Looking for ideas to cover your roots between salon appointments? For those moments when life gets hectic, we need other options to cover our visible roots. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to disguise gray hairs and root regrowth worrying about when you can get to your next color appointment.

It’s always best to see your stylist for a professional root touch up. However, there are a few temporary fixes that can help camouflage your roots between salon visits. It’s all about getting crafty with your haircolor. Now, don’t take this as an excuse to turn to harsh, generic box dyes or unsafe methods. It’s not worth damaging your hair in order to save a few bucks. Instead, turn to safer DIY options (ones that don’t require permanent markers) or utilize your favorite hair accessories to cover a faded hairline as a temporary solution until you can see your stylist. Stop struggling to cover your regrowth with these eight easy, at-home hair hacks for covering visible roots.


We generally don't recommend shampooing every day, but oil flattens your hair and enhances root color irregularities. Soften the look of your hairline by applying dry shampoo to your roots. This trick works wonders for blondes and those with lighter haircolors as it softens the line between the visible regrowth and the rest of your hair. Dry shampoo also works wonders as a mattifying agent that can help absorb oils and give your tresses more camouflaging texture. Try Enjoy Dry Shampoo ($20.95,, which comes in spray form, to use between regular lather jobs.


If you always split your hair in the same place, that area naturally flattens and becomes more prominent. Flip your part to the other side of your head, and regrowth will be less noticeable. Also, keep the part messy, a perfectly straight part is a dead giveaway for roots.


A blowout that creates hair body and volume at the roots helps camouflage unsightly strays. To volumize at home, take a small section of hair from the crown of your head, hold it straight up, and comb the roots up and down to add texture. You can also set your locks in rollers, or use a curling iron. And a volumizing styling aid, like Enjoy Blow Dry Lotion ($23.95,, is the perfect lotion for creating the look you want. This product adds thickness to hair without adding weight.


Once the territory of Halloween costumes, spray-on color products can subtly stretch time between color appointments. Tressa Watercolors Root Concealer ($11, cover regrowth flawlessly. A temporary color spray that expertly blends with surrounding hair color. Root Concealers are a mineral makeup base making it safe for all hair types and conditions. Water and humidity resistant ensuring complete coverage in every situation. No worrying about being caught in the rain or going to the gym. Watercolors Root Concealers will stay until they are shampooed out! It takes a few spritzes to get the hang of applying it, but when aimed correctly, it covered grays well.


If you’re in a pinch, reach for an eyeshadow or face powder that matches your haircolor and dust a small amount around your hairline. The color will help soften the discoloration, while also making the hairline look thicker. Just be sure to wash the makeup out thoroughly at the end of the day, as makeup can buildup on your scalp or come off on your pillow.


Wonder why headbands have never gone out of style? Because everyone is using them to cover up their roots. These handy hair accessories are perfect for hiding your hairline, while still looking polished and chic. For optimum root coverage, reach for wider headbands or ones with more detail for extra coverage.


Braids are amazing at tricking the eye to see more dimension and texture in the hair. By adding a braid along your hairline you can disguise your roots and give the appearance of a more dimensional haircolor.


Just like headbands, hats are a quick and easy fix for hiding grays and discolored roots. Hats are also great for protecting your haircolor as they help to block out color-fading UV rays—bonus!

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